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August 6, 2020

Tourism, Travel & COVID-19 - The new narrative for Southern and Eastern Africa during a crisis Vortex

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to a number of contributors to tourism, Travel, and COVID-19

A book that offers comprehensive guidelines to help you overcome this crisis including an adaptable and comprehensive tourism crisis recovery checklist; how to manage risks and revenue optimally; how to identify weak links in the tourism value chain (and fix them!); why storytelling is your secret weapon and a lot more. There are some amazing contributions to the book and are discussed by: 

  • Shanaleigh Hebbard, Editor of tourism, Travel and COVID-19
  • Sarah Habsburg - Resilience action planning - Attracting domestic guests and social distancing
  • Mandisa Magwaxaza - Tourism vs poorism
  • Navlika Ratangee - Promoting personal and workplace mental health in the age of COVID-19
  • Kobus Scholtz - Positive mental mindset vs COVID-19 upset. Winner Takes It All

Pick up a copy of the book by clicking here   

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